Max number of concurrent clients (and connections per client)

It is very important to understand how the max number of concurrent clients and the max number of concurrent connections per client settings work.

The max number of concurrent clients determines how many distinct IP addresses can concurrently connect to your SilverSHielD server. In the image here above, for example, it is set to 3, and it means that up to 3 different computers (each one with its own unique IP address) can simultaneously connect to this SilverSHielD server.

The max number of connections per client instead determines how many concurrent connections can be made by each one of the computers specified here above. In the image above it is set to 10, which means that each one of the allowed clients (computers/IPs) can perform up to 10 simultaneous connections. In fact some SFTP programs perform multiple concurrent connections to increase the transfer speed (for instance, FileZilla usually performs 3 concurrent connections). So this is a way for you to limit such phenomenon on the server side.


  • max number of concurrent clients: how many computers can connect at the same time
  • max concurrent connections per client: how many simultaneous connections can each one of such computers perform

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