Fixing SQLite3 Error 8

If you have upgraded SilverSHielD from an old version (5.x or earlier) to the latest version you may see a “SQLite3 Error 8” message when attempting to save the configuration through the management console, or to apply a new license code.


To fix such issue, just run the SilverSHielD Console “as administrator” in order to have full read/write access to the database.

As an alternative you may want to grant read/write permissions to the user profile you use to run the SilverSHieLD Console onto the entire SilverSHielD configuration folder.

If the problem persists, there may be a privilege loss or conflict. In such case, please, grant the virtual user profile “Everyone” full permissions on SilverSHielD’s configuration folder, and apply to the folder itself as well as to all files and subfolders in it.

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