Secure Cloud Storage Made Simple

Secure Cloud Storage from FortressSecure uniquely fragments and encrypts data in real-time and scatters it into encrypted folders in multiple storage locations across any cloud without the need to manage security keys

Enhanced Military Grade Encryption

A new innovative solution to secure your critical data

For all your business files in any cloud

FortressSecure  uses military-grade symmetric encryption but we don’t stop there.

For security of your files we assure:

  • File names and file types are completely obscured
  • Files are sliced into fragments and stored in random sub-folders
  • Each file fragment is encrypted with its own unique key
  • File fragments can be distributed across multiple clouds
  • Temporary elastic keys exist only in RAM for a few nanoseconds

FortressSecure multi-tier security for compliance assurance,  reduces risk and cost while increasing flexibility and security. Click here to get the white paper and learn more 

The new standard for Secure Cloud Storage file encryption

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Secure Cloud Storage Compliance made simple

Get complete control of your Data Security to public cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise storage

Single point of access for any device at any time from anywhere to your Secure Cloud

FortressSecure increases secures, simplifies operation and, reduces the OpEx of secure cloud storage

  • Removes the complexity of multi-cloud storage
  • Simplifies migration between clouds and on-premise
  • Increases the security of data stored 
  • Removes the possibility for a cloud provider to share your data (accidentally or by order of an agency)
  • Accessible from any device or application from client software or through REST API’s
  • Meet NIST-800-131a compliance

Whether you are a cloud expert or a novice, FortressSecure is the cloud storage for you. Click here to get the white paper and learn more

Remove the headache and risk of managing keys for Secure Cloud Storage

No more vaults or expensive HSMs

Remove the ability of your cloud provider or IT admin to share your keys

FortressSecure breaks up files and encrypts each with a unique key but you never have to manage the keys. They are generated and destroyed dynamically for your ultimate security. This gives a number of advantages:

  • No one can give the keys away
  • Removes key management costs (HSM and KMS)
  • Simplifies migrating data across clouds
  • Files can be copied, backed up, synced or archived across platforms without the need to un-encrypt before moving

Click here to get the white paper and learn more

REST API's for easy integration of Secure Cloud Storage

Developers Welcome!

Secure all your stored files regardless of the cloud

FortressSecure provides RESTful web services for ultra high security of files that can secure files in any cloud storage or even on-premise.

Easy integration in SaaS workflows, MSSP offerings or enterprise workflows

For developers, the REST API’s allow you to store files securely without needing to learn all the ins and outs of a particular cloud API’s.

What is more, since all the access to the files is logged, there is a rich set of meta data the security and compliance applications can be built on.

Whatever your cloud development environment, use FortressSecure REST API’s for advanced secure storage. Click here to get more information on the API’s