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SilverShield is secure, fast, easy to setup and intuitive to use. It is a Microsoft Windows™ SSH & SFTP server that provides the security and performance businesses demand, with fine grained configuration controls and detailed logging.


Security and Access Control

SilverSheild gives you powerful controls to monitor activity and eliminate security concerns. The security and access controls are granular down to the user level, allowing for very specific configurations. Choose allowed SFTP versions, authentication methods, MAC and crypto algorithms.

Advanced scripting for events such as file up-loads, file types, custom authentication, etc. brings out the full power of SilverShield.

Free Windows SFTP Server

Key Features

  • SSH encryption for secure login & file transfers
  • PKI authentication with multiple keys per user
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Management Console to easily watch usage in real time
  • Session logs for active sessions
  • Auto scripts for events: zip files, sends emails, custom authentication, etc
  • Advanced user and virtual folder security rules
  • Manageable via GUI or command line interface