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How do I reactivate my license?

Licenses will deactivate for many reasons such as changing hardware. If you are under a valid support agreement, you can open a support ticket to be reactivated.

If you do not have a valid support agreement, please reactivate your support or purchase a new license. Both are available in the on-line store

How do I renew my support ?

If your support is still active, you can purchase a new year of support in the support store.

If you have an old version 6 and your support is lapsed, the best option is to buy the new Version 7

Alternatively you can reinstate support here. Please note it can take some time for support to be reinstated once the funds have cleared.

How Do I Upgrade From An Older Version?

To upgrade, simply buy a new version 7 product and install on the same machine as the older version. Do not apply the new license until the version 7 installation is complete and always backup servers before upgrading.

How do I get a quote ?

All our prices are on the website in the store. You can take a screen shot of the product page or the shopping cart.

You can also use the Contact us form to get a quote

What is the difference between personal and commercial ?

The personal edition is based on the older Version 6 product and is for personal use only. We do not provide a license for the personal edition and it is restricted to one user connection. The commercial edition has many security upgrades and is not limited in user connections.

The data sheet shows the differences.

I am a reseller - how do I resell your products

We have a very simple reseller program but it does require an upfront multi license purchase. Please fill out a contact us form if you are interested.