Secure Multi Cloud Storage With Cipher7

Is Your Data Safe?


With FortressSecure, no one can access your data except you


We secure your data like no other

Remote working has increased the use of cloud storage and the risk of your data being exposed. If  your cloud provider is securing your data, you could be breached by accidental or deliberate exposure of your keys. FortressSecure uniquely secures data in the cloud, on premise and in-between.

FortressSecure provides a decentralized security platform offering consumers and businesses the highest level of security for their most sensitive data – with zero learning curve.

3,950 breaches in the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report – don’t become a breach statistic – secure your data now.

Cipher7 Secure Storage

With zero-knowledge private encryption, only you get to see what is in your files. Cipher7 removes the ability of your cloud provider to hand over your files to anyone – period.

SilverShield Windows SFTP Server

The SilverShield Windows SFTP server is secure, fast, easy to setup and intuitive to use. It is a Microsoft Windows™ SSH & SFTP server that provides the security and performance businesses demand, with fine grained configuration controls and detailed logging.

reduce the risk of your files being exposed

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